and this link for email The first, “rough in”, inspection requires everything to be in sight. I shudder to think I almost moved to California at one time. Im curious to how the Upstate Ny build went? I have found nothing current. Coconino codes are like something out of a place where only the wealthy could afford to meet all the requirements and inspections. – Cold as siberia Upper P. Michigan. Its a dry hot area though. This is an excellent way to search almost any site. in the past I converted a bus to live in equipped it with solar power I did the carpentry the plumbing including AC solar Ana’s very large-scale and the DC wiring as well with the Diesel College told me could not be done at all not for any amount of time or any amount of money I went home and read a book about wiring and I did it all myself I currently have an electrical bicycle for transportation which I also built myself.